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TOMS ConstructionService LLC

199178, Russia, Saint Petersburg,  
18th line of Vasilyevskiy island, 29, bld. I, office 417, business centre "Senator".          

Tel.: +7 (812) 332 91 40, 332 93 24                                                                                        


Anatoly Potyomkin is the CEO of TOMS ConstructionService LLC. 





Office bulding of TOMS ConstructionService                                         

TOMS ConstructionService LLC performs maintenance of plants and complexes construction designed by TOMS group.

Provided services:

  • complex services in selection of main and supplementary equipment, including consulting and marketing services aimed at optimization of price and quality correspondence of supplied equipment;

  • passing of required assessments;
  • establishment of a headquarter for construction management at the site;                                                                     

  • logistical support of the whole complex which comprises technological, supplementary, non-standardized equipment, expendables, spare parts in accordance with process flow chart;
  • engineering and technical supervision over construction and assembly are performed to the deadlines and at high level of quality;

  • assembly of technological and non-standardized equipment, technological pipelines, installation supervision, start- up and commissioning, dry run of equipment, test operation, object ramp up;
  • training of the Client`s engineering and operational staff during pre-commissioning works, start-up and commissioning works. Personnel training is finished after test launch of the object;
  • optimization of technological process in accordance with technical regulation, recommendations on increase of valuable components  recovery;
  • design supervision;
  • warranty maintenance.

All abovementioned works are performed by TOMS group.


Oleniy Ruchey mining and processing plant, equipment assembly


During 2010 - 2015 Engineering maintenance, as well as equipment procurement, was carried out at the following sites:

  • Processing plant "Vasilkovsky mining enterprise", Kazakhstan;
  • "Oleniy Ruchey" mining and processing plant, Murmansk region;
  • Aleksandrovsky Mining and processing plant, Chita region;

  • "Belaya gora" gold recovery plant, Khabarovsk region;
  • Processing plant at Natalkisnkoe deposit, Magadan region;
  • Ametistovoe Gold recovery plant, Kamchatka region.

A bird`s eyeview of Ametistovoe deposit


TOMS ConstructionService LLC provides services at the stage of project implementation:

  • Equipment engineering;
  • Procurement management;
  • Construction management;
  • Management of installation supervision and start-up and commissioning works;
  • Personnel training, production maintenance.

Aleksandrovsky mining and processing plant


Equipment engineering

The fundamental principle of design is always integration of equipment, automation facilities and selected supplementary components of different manufactures. The list of suppliers can reach several tens.

Equipment procurement is tightly connected with set of activities on its selection and coordination with a project. Equipment selection depends both on commercial aspects and technical harmonization, as well as reliability testing of equipment, information on supposed equipment performance at similar objects..

TOMS ConstructionService possess a long-term experience in the sphere of equipment procurement for plants under construction. Independent assessment and control reduce terms of equipment procurement, thus it allows avoiding big capital expenses.

In coordination of technical specifications for equipment, cooperation with TOMS group project institutes of helps to avoid making mistakes in the process of procurement.  Frequently equipment for production can be custom-made and it requires strict control at all stages of procurement.

Procurement management

Supply of equipment is not just a process of transportation from point A to point B. This process comprises numerous functions, fulfillment of those is practically impossible without experienced and high- qualified staff.

Control of logistics is carried out by our specialists with necessary examinations of manufacturers and at  work site of the object.

Management of installation supervision and start-up and commissioning works

Representatives of manufacturers, project planners, engineering services, specialists which perform installation and supervision works of equipment present on site during such processes like  assembly, equipment piping, casing, no-load running of main technological an supplementary equipment and engineering systems (automation, ventilation, aspiration, gas purification, signaling system, fire-protection systems and others).

The main aim of this work is to fulfill equipment installation in accordance with the project, current corrections of installation and piping of equipment, quality assembly of equipment according to manufacturer`s recommendations, single testing of equipment without load, integrated testing in workshops and production areas,  integrated testing of the process flow chart.

Designers and specialists of the Engineering department who participated at early stages are involved in management of installation supervision and start-up and commissioning works. This approach helps to maintain control over project from planner`s idea to timely launch of production.

Services provided by TOMS ConstructionService minimize down time which can be caused by late equipment supply or incomplete set of equipment.

Personnel training, production maintenance

Specialists from TOMS group have gained significant experience and knowledge during fulfillment of different projects. In order to communicate experience our specialists can arrange lectures and seminars either at production site or in the office in Saint Petersburg.

In case of absence of qualified operating staff, specialists of TOMS group are ready to carry out technical maintenance of the object (with conclusion of a separate contract) till achieving sustainable performance.