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"Technologies of mineral separation"   


Office of the institute is located at the following address:  

664007, Russia, Irkutsk, Lermontova street, 83/1,

P.O.Box 367.

Arkadiy Senchenko is the CEO of TOMS Institue LLC.                  


                                                                        Arkadiy Senchenko, CEO                                                                   

TOMS Institute carries out scientific research works and elaborates reports on design criteria in the sphere of ore processing, metallurgy of nonferrous and precious metals. Top quality services performed by TOMS Institute are the result of a well-balanced combination of a long-term experience, highly qualified staff and well-developed laboratory, systematic and analytic base. About 100 science-research works reports and 20 design criteria are issued annually. The main area of the institute expertise comprises efficient technologies development aiming at refractory and hard ore processing.

Building of TOMS Institute, Irkutsk


The main area of the institute expertise comprises efficient technologies development aiming refractory and hard ore processing:

  • Comminution (ore crushing and grinding laboratory);
  • Mineral processing laboratory;
  • Metallurgical laboratory;
  • Analytical laboratory;
  • Group for modern mineralogical investigations;
  • Group for process design criteria development.

Laboratory of TOMS Institute, main view


TOMS Institute experience

  • Collaboration with leading engineering companies;
  • Performance of tests using equipment and methods of different manufacturers;
  • Results of test works performed by TOMS Institute are used in PreFeasibility study, Feasibility study and design of processing plants;

  • Providing services for clients from all over the world.

International recognition

Mr. Arkadiy Senchenko, CEO of the TOMS Institute was admitted as a member of the the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. AusIMM is an organization which elaborated and adopted JORC.

JORC principles included in the international resources and reserves classification are the ground for decision making on international investments in mining projects. AusIMM is recognized internationally as a professional organization listed on stock exchanges.


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