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First ton of gold was obtained at Ametistovy mining and processing plant

Official launch of gold recovery plant at Ametostovoye deposit (Zoloto Kamchatki JSC) took place on 25 September, 2015.

TOMS group companies played an integral role in the following parts of this project:

  • Elaboration of project and working documentation of gold recovery plant, objects of supplementary complex, design supervision (branch of TOMS engineering LLCIrkutsk);
  • Provision of engineering and consultation services dealing with suppliers’ selection of technological equipment for gold recovery plant. (TOMS engineering LLC, Saint Petersburg);
  • Installation supervision of technological equipment;
  • Installation of equipment, steel work, pipe lines, fire prevention systems;
  • Set of start - up and commissioning works (TOMS ConstructionService LLC, Saint Petersburg).

Reaching of project capacities (4 tons of gold and 10 tons of silver) as a final stage of the plant development at Ametistovoye deposit will have been finished in this year.

641.4 kg of gold was produced from the date of plant launch and till the end of the year. 1 February, 2016 saw a first ton of gold produced at Ametistovy mining and processing plant.