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TOMS engineering LLC, Irkutsk branch 

664007, Russia, Irkutsk,

Krasnykh Mad`yar str., 50/2, 5 fl.  

Tel.: +7 (3952) 718 700 
Fax: +7 (3952) 718 701


Nikolay Bokov is the director of TOMS engineering branch in Irkutsk.                                 





Nikolay Bokov, Director of TOMS branch         Office building of TOMS engineering, Irkutsk

TOMS- project LLC is one of the leading project companies, which specializes in integrated management of design process and construction of mining and processing facilities- from elaboration of technological concepts and feasibility study of the project before putting into operation. 

Its staff comprises more than 300 employees.  

 Office building of TOMS - project LLC

TOMS- project has performed works at several tens of processing plants and facilities with productivity from 80 Ktpa to 8 Mtpa. There have been a great number of turn-key projects, science and research works. Company deals with project both within Russian Federation and abroad.

Nowadays there are several projects under development:

  • Facility which specializes in apatite-staffelite ore processing at Kovdor deposit; productivity 7.2 Mtpa of base ore;
  • Crushing plant and processing facility of Kovdor mining and processing plant. Reconstruction in order to increase productive capacity up to 25 Mtpa;
  • “Usolsky potassium plant. Mining plant. Surface objects, shafts № 1, 2”. Productive capacity 12.6 Mtpa.

  • “Usolsky potassium plant. Processing plant. Productive capacity 3.06 Mtpa of final product with mass fraction of potassium chloride 95 %;
  • Mining and processing plant of extraction and processing of potassium salts at Gremyachinskoe deposit, Kotelnikovsky disctrict, Volgograd region. Productive capacity 2.3 Mtpa 95 % KCl.

Gremyachinsky mining and processing plant


The company disposes several branches in such cities of Russia and CIS like Perm, Murmansk, Volgograd, Minsk (the Republic of Belarus) and Karaganda (the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Over the period of work TOMS - project LLC has partnered with leading international companies which specialize in production of mining and processing equipment (USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden).

 Our partners and clients


Services and works provided by TOMS- project

Flexible system of work assignment and up-to-date approach to projects management within the company allows to engage company`s resources more efficiently. As result this makes fulfilment of great amount of work at short notice: 

  • Design of industrial facilities;
  • Elaboration of project documentation in accordance with current legislation and approval in State Expert Evaluation Department of the Russian Federation (Glavgosexpertiza RF);
  • Elaboration of working documentation, including non- standardized equipment for construction and assembly;
  • Visual 3D models with issue of graphics and animation for designed and existing facilities;
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • Design supervision.